Countertop water purification methods for Darwin locals

Easy to install, compact and portable, countertop filters are an economical choice for small businesses or homeowners. They generally require no specialist tools for installation or removal and can be converted into an undersink system fairly easily.
Both of our countertop systems come with instruction manuals to help you understand their operation. If you're struggling or need advice, don't hesitate to call us, we're more than happy to help.
SINGLE COUNTERTOP — Water Purification Methods in Winnellie

Single Countertop

Using a single cartridge, these systems remove chemicals, chlorine, bad tastes, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, bacteria and heavy metals using a 10”x2.5” sub-micron carbon filter.
— Water Purification Methods in Winnellie

Double Countertop

Similar to a Single Countertop system, Double Countertop systems safely remove chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals and bad tastes from your water. They use a 2-step process:
Stage 1: Water flows through the 10”x2.5” sediment filter to remove sand, dirt and other sediments. This filter helps to extend the life of the sub-micron filter in stage 2.
Stage 2: Water is then filtered through the sub-micron carbon filter, which is designed to get rid of chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and bad tastes.