Darwin replacement water filter cartridges

Your water filter is far from a single-use item. A well-maintained filtration system can last for many years. To keep your water clear and healthy, talk to NT Water Filters about our replacement cartridges and filters. We have a replacement filter for every system we sell. We ship everywhere, form Darwin throughout Australia.

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fridge filters

At NT Water Filters, we have a great range of fridge filters available to replace any faulty or ageing filters you have. Simply check your fridge brand, filter and model number, then head to your fridge's brand below to find the replacement filter. Can't find the part you're looking for? Don't hesitate to contact our friendly team and we can find it for you.

Caravan Filters

Don't let bad water spoil your holiday. Stop sediment and bacteria build-up in your tank which can lead to bad taste and odours.

Whilst travelling throughout Australia most of the water can be quite hard, this is due to high amount of calcium or lime in the water. This can cause scaling on surfaces, kettle elements and plumbing fittings, it can also prevent soap from lathering properly and make your hair feel stiff. Our in-line caravan filters are supplied with a specialty cartridge to reduce the effects of hard water as well as improving its taste.

Our caravan filters are supplied with a Garden Hose Quick Connect, which can simply click onto the water supply hose and your tank. With no installation required and making use of standard housings, our caravan filters are designed to ensure you can get replacement cartridges anywhere. We can also ship our filters anywhere throughout Australia.

Single Caravan Filter

The Single Caravan Filter is great for caravans or campervans with low water consumptions. The unit will remove sediment, sand, dirt, rust, odour, chlorine and chemicals. It reduces the effects of hard water.
Recommended cartridges: GAC/KDF

Dual Caravan Filter

The Dual Caravan Filter system is built for caravans and campervans that have a high water demand and usage. The dual system is more economical to maintain for long-term or high-use as the first stage sediment filter can be replaced more often than the second stage carbon filter. This extends and protects the second stage carbon filter from blocking up prematurely. This unit removes sand, dirt, sediment, rust, odours, chlorine and chemicals. Reduces the effects of hard water.

Recommended cartridges: SPF-005 + GAC/KDF