Darwin undersink water filtration systems

Are you short on bench space in the kitchen? Then an undersink filtration system might be the right choice for you. Hidden under your sink or bench, water is taken from a tap attached through the sink or bench and filtered depending on the kind of system you get. Contact us today to find out more about our undersink systems.
— Undersink Water Filtration Systems in Winnellie

Single Undersink System

Making use of a single 10”x2.5” sub-micron filter, water is filtrated and chemicals, heavy minerals ad bad tastes are removed. These systems do have shorter lifespans than the Double or Triple systems, as there is no sediment pre-filter. However, they are a cost-effective option for small businesses and homes with little bench space.
DUAL UNDERSINK SYSTEM — Undersink Water Filtration Systems in Winnellie

Dual Undersink System

Our most popular item, and the most commonly used filter in homes around Darwin, the Dual Undersink System, is fitted with an additional sediment filter cartridge along with the sub-micron filter. By filtering water in 2 stages, it retains a longer lifespan and ensures quality water for your family or staff.

Stage 1: Flowing through the 10”x2.5” sediment filter first, sand, dirt and other sediments are easily filtered out of the water.

Stage 2: Following stage 1, water flows through the sub-micron carbon filter, which removes chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and bad tastes.
— Undersink Water Filtration Systems in Winnellie

Triple Undersink System

Designed for areas known for contaminated or bad water supply, the Triple Undersink System can even be built to remove fluoride, copper and lead. It follows 3 stages of filtration to ensure safe water every time.

Stage 1: Water is filtered through the initial 10”x2.5” sediment filter to remove dirt, sand and sediment.

Stage 2: Using either the 10”x2.5” sub-micron filter or specialty filter, chemicals, chlorine and heavy metals are removed.

Stage 3: Water is filtered through the sub-micron or specialty filter again to ensure clean, safe water.